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Sailing in Sea


Who are we?

NorthStar Mergers and Acquisitions, LLC is the M&A advisory firm that can help you achieve your dream exit by guiding you through the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and strategic exits. With a team of seasoned industry veterans, Jeremy Furtick, John Gorbutt, and Tom Bronson, NorthStar Mergers brings together a wealth of experience and expertise to provide strategic guidance and support in navigating the intricate process of M&A. 

What sets us apart?

Our unique approach and process, which is tailored to meet each client's specific needs. At NorthStar Mergers, we have been in your shoes over 500 times, and we understand the process from the business owner's point of view. 

Are you ready for your dream exit?

We will let you know. We provide you with the support and guidance you need to maximize value, then sell. 

Meet the Team

The NorthStar Mergers team comprises seasoned industry veterans with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in mergers, acquisitions, and strategic exits. Led by Tom Bronson, Jeremy Furtick, and John Gorbutt, our team combines diverse backgrounds and expertise to provide unparalleled guidance and support to business owners and entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of M&A. With a shared commitment to excellence and client success, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and guiding businesses toward their dream exit.

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